Your Hometown Company With State-Wide Service

Your Hometown Company With State-Wide Service

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Building Your Business Identity


   Whether it dazzles with the brilliance of neon or glows with the polished elegance of brass and chrome, your sign stands out as a dynamic and hard working element of your total business image.


    Your sign program will promote your product, appeal to your market, and express your commitment to quality.  It will advertise, communicate and inform.  And while other forms of advertising rise in cost, your sign will continue to look good and promote your business effectively year in, year out, giving you a return on your investment that improves with age.


    That's a lot to expect and a lot to deliver.  That's why Dowling will work with you throughout the entire process - from initial specifications through to completion. 




   Long before we fabricate the first letter, Dowling is helping you plan the most efficient and durable product for your needs.


    Our sales representatives and sign consultants will work with you to review site plans and landscaping, discuss positioning, color and materials.


    Our Research and Development Department explores zoning, regulatory requirements, soil characteristics and elevations.  Estimators produce comprehensive cost estimates.  We get all the facts and figures, so that your sign will fit the environment and your needs.  Projecting the right image for your company is our aim.


Choosing the Image


  Make a statement of originality or conservative good taste ... the possibilities are limitless - in technology, in materials and in design.


    Our versatile in-house design department can develop your existing graphic or logo into a tasteful sign program.  We'll work with you to devise an initial sign design, produce specifications or prepare final renderings for your existing design.


    Our designers offer more than 3 decades of experience in advertising, architectural, graphic and communications design.  They're experts at working with color, materials and other stylistic elements to fashion innovative sign programs - from the vividly colorful to the subtly sophisticated - creating attractive and cost effective solutions to fit your needs.


Bringing Your Sign to Life


    Fabrication at Dowling synthesizes technology with the vital element of craftsmanship to create new standards in durability and style.


    Our technicians are trained in various methods, from the time-honored skills of gold-leafing and neon bending to the latest digital and computerized technolgies - so you have a wide variety of materials and looks to choose from.


    Dowling craftsmen build signs to last, with quality materials selected for their stress resistance and weathering properties.  Our signs stand up, providing you with long lasting value, functional excellence and decorative appeal.


From the Ground Up


    You'll see them in corporate corridors and retail stores.  Hung from multi-story office complexes and adorning rooftops, at banks, shopping centers and shopping malls.  From real estate site signs to brightly lit LED time and temperature displays.  Dowling installed interior and exterior sign systems occupy some of the most prominent spots around.


    Our installation crews are experts in a full range of sign applications.  With our fleet of vehicles and advanced installation equipment, we can handle any sign, of any size, in any location.


    Dowling sets rigorous standards in installation, by following a multi-tiered inspection program that ensures satisfaction.  Our years of experience in the industry, attention to detail and ethic of personal service have forged a solid reputation in installation and maintenance.


   We offer installation and maintenance contracts for single or mul-tiple site sign programs.  We can also provide sign storage facilities and can ship your sign anywhere.


An Easy Way to Start


   Signage is one of the most visible requirements and one of the fastest and least expensive ways to begin to comply with the law.  The ADA's signage guidelines are primarily intended to make facilities accessible to the blind and visually impaired.  While these guidelines require "removal of communications barriers," compliance can easily begin with removal of existing signs and adding ADA compliant signage.  Additional signs may be required to identify and give directions to accessible facilities and features.


    As accessible signage specialists, Dowling can provide you with a written audit and implementation plan for replacing all signage units that do not comply with ADA guidelines and for adding compliant signage where needed.




   Dowling brings more to your sign program than quality materials and new technology, we bring the skill, the expertise and the dedication of our technicians to every job - whether it's a simple installation or a multi-site sign program.
    We're the people working with our customers to reach new heights of excellence, people who, from the planning to the finished product, will strive to insure that your sign program works... today, and in the years ahead.

Serving the Mid-Atlantic Region Since 1936

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